Driving in disney

Today ..Sunday Oct 4 we drove to animal kingdom in the morning and then headed straight to epcot for dinner followed by illuminations at 9pm. Epcot parked us, due to the crowd level, in the wonder lot..the wonder lot is the farthest lot to be parked in so all I thought was how much of a nightmare it is going to be to get back to the resort….after illuminations ended and we finished talking with the nice British couple we made our way to the tram station ┬ábut decided to just walk back to the car and all I am going to say is that we have made it back to the resort and I am typing this , starting to, In the lounge , at 10:15 pm..it literally took 5 minutes to walk to the car and 5 minutes to get home That’s how awesome it was and I think we are forever car renters however, staying at the beach club might not be a rental sanerio due to its close proximity to epcot Hollywood and magic kingdom. ..



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