Thursday October 1

Of  course this means off the boat day so we left at the express walk off and were on the road by 730am but the early arrival at disney was not to be, as this was a week day and after years of listening to Johnny’s house in orlando with their traffic reports we hit the normal Orlando rush traffic issues. The highways had multiple accidents and then google maps took us off highway (along with everyone else) to the back roads of the surrounding Orlando area were we were treated to towns like “Fort Christmas” complete with a lighted christmas tree at the town line, no joke. hitting the grocery store when we finally made it to disney we headed to the Wilderness lodge for check in. Following check in at like 10am we drove for the first time to Animal Kingdom.  I have to say I like the idea of driving on disney property but we hated driving off the property. It was nice to park the car and then get back in without having to deal with crowded busses that make multiple stops…So a rental car could be the norm in the knight family in the future.

At the Kingdom we first rode the safari where we saw the new Rhino, 2 of the baby giraffes TOGETHER, a lion and lioness together and Elephants “playing” but looked like they were fighting honestly.

After the safari we walked to the Harambee Market for lunch where we both got the gyro flatbread with beef.  IT was good although the beef was kinda weird tasting.
After lunch we went to visit the resting tigers and bird sanctuary on the Maharong jungle trek. It was a quiet day for these animals. After the trek we went for our tea at the tea cart where I found they once again have the raspberry iced tea. We then went over to meet Bleu and King Louie mainly to kill time for flights of wonder. The outside introduction featured Twister, a great horned owl


After an odd showing of Flights of wonder we did Finding Nemo the musical, something we havent done since opening year of the show. We originally werent too thrilled about it but after seeing it again it is kinda a neat show.

Following Nemo tusker house was dinner at about 4pm. Good food and jungle juice was king here. We love this place for its availability of actual veggies. You see, at disney we only really do fine dining restaurants and at the fine dining restaurants you dont get all that many veggies with your entree so when we have a chance to eat somehwere like tusker house we find ourselves loading up on veggies. And while we eat a ton of veggies at home we can tell the difference from our bodies when we get here and want to eat more veggies.

We left dinner at around 510pm . Walking outside there was noone around and we discovered that we had closed the park, a feat that we rarely do anymore. so we had a quiet stroll to the trams to get into our quiet car and drove off  back to the wilderness lodge.  Coming back here was a stop on the way to the halloween party, this time not dressing up.

To be continued

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