Disney Dream day 3 castaway

Woke up this morning around 7am and noticed we were already docked and upon checking with a cast member they docked at like 1am in the night when we were all asleep. He said they did this to ensure that we would get onto the island because there were disturbances in the area so again they went above and beyond (little did we know since we were disconnected from the world that a hurricane would hit this area the following day ..Writing this I get how lucky we were to have chosen the cruise we were on.

On castaway we had cabanna # 24, its the second to last cabanna on serenity bay. We thoroughly love the cabana as it gave us time to continue what we did yesterday, relax. The water was warm warm warm but it was high tide, not stopping us from going in. The day itself was cloudy and then sunny and then cloudy and then rain cloudy..When it began raining, I mean sprinkling, people got all worried and started leaving. This sprinkling ended about 20 miuntes later and broke into sunshine for most of the afternoon so it was a nice quiet beach for the most part and we just laid out, went swimming and laid out.

And with every castaway day there has to come an end, so after picking up our mess at the cabanna we were the last to be picked up so we had a magical moment with the cast member who was supposed to just bring us to the tram stop like 100 yards away and we ended up being shappaproned literally through security and to literally to the walk on ramp to the ship. We didnt even have to get off the golf cart. What a nice guy.

Back on ship around 415 we showered and hung out in the lounge for a bit before dinner. This dinner we again opted for room dining, we have the dining room in here so why not take advantage of it. Megan had the Romaine salad and sea bass for entree  while I had the raspberry salad and sea bass as well. Both were good dinners and just so happened to be at sunset where the sunset was on our side of the ship this day so during dinner i kept going out onto the balcony to shoot some photos.

After dinner we went down to skyline for a cocktail before “Believe”, the best show on board in my opinion.
Exhausted after believe we kinda just went back to the room to end the night with a little packing i believe, although most of the packing
Happened when we came back on board from castaway


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