Cruise day 1- sail away

Monday Sept 28th 2015
Its check out day at the beach club so we loaded the car and headed to the Wilderness Lodge to drop off the big suitcases for our arrival post cruise. After driving a bit this morning I think i like the drive yourself idea. Especially after seeing that queue from the other night, the one for the monorail at apcot that had basically the entire entrance to monorail filled that was a nightmare. We’ll see how it goes as we have the car until the 6th, check out day at the Wilderness lodge. From there we drove to port with the GPS taking us kind of backstage at the magic kingdom where we saw the area where they receive product, it looked like a UPS hub with tons of trucks and what not, odd to see.

After a long drive to port we see her sitting at dock and get excited for our arrival. Self parking was pretty easy, we left our bags with the porter and parked inside the garage that is within feet of the terminal entrance. After security
we made our way to the concierge check in where we settled the paper work and went to the waiting area as we were a bit early. Being early allowed us to be on board at 11:15am so much extra time than if traveling by the magical express and when we got on there was like noone on board, cabanas wasnt the usual nightmare. We were able to get our lunch with no lines but the seating was a bit of a challenge.

Following Cabanas, since its on the same deck as our room we went back to bask in the grandeuer of the one bed room suite we have. It reminds us of the Ritz Carlton Room we had in Enniskerry Ireland. Its huge ( prob like 800 or 900 sq feet complete with a living room, dining room, huge master bath with a huge soaker tub and walk in shower, walk in closet and two other closets. THeres also another full bath with walk in shower, 2 televisions and a huge deck. Its nice and spacious compared to the deck 8 room we usually get.

After exploring we kept poking in and out of the lounge where we spent some time getting to know Ashley, Tracey and Angeline. Angeline kindly helped us with a supply of a sewing kit so that Megan can repair her homemade mickey ears.
THe lounge is nice although a bit on the small side in my ipinion, we’ve stayed concierge a couple of times at disney world and the lounges there a bigger and should be cause they are on land but they could have made the ship lounge a bit bigger, there are sometimes bottlenecks happening at the lounge where I feel a bit clasterphobic wiht all the people so close.They have good drinks, tapas and desserts that we took advantage of the offerings a couple of times already.

One of the one bedroom suites advantages is the chance to dine in our room, not just regular room service, I’m talking the same full blown meals from the 3 dining rotations you get so we are taking full advantage of this opportunity and have placed our order from Royal Palace for this evening to be delivered between 630 and 7pm.

We left the lounge and walked around a bit and then headed to sailing away party. This time we decided to go onto the floor for the first time instead of going up one more level and were treated to the cast member dancers near us as the stage was hard to see cause we were late to the party i guess.

after sailing away i cant fully remember what we did, I think we went and had a quick drink in the lounge that consisted of 2 cosmos because they include cranberry juice. then came back to the room for a bit and headed down to the Shops to say hello to our Irish friend that we see every cruise but apparently she is on vacation this week so we dont have a chance to see her, we also lost our Palo Sever that we have grown to know and love. She has moved over to the Fantasy so it gives us reason to cruise on that ship, we were bound to anyways sooner or later to get a different experience other than the same old Dream itinerary.

At about 645pm our doorbell rings and its our server. She comes in ready to make up our dining room. She lays out a tablecloth wine glasses, salt and pepper, coordinates the silverware and then the food. She lays it out for us and then leaves, She was so nice too, she took a photo of us in our room for us and then left. The dinner was the exact dinner from Royal Palace. Megan had the lamb with the Brie starter, I had the beef with the soup starter.
All the server said was to call down when you are finished and we will come clear it all away for you. So that we did and it was her again that came to clear away. No crowds, no table mates to deal with, it was nice to have a “romantic” dinner with just the two of us.,,,We really enjoyed it. Seeing that we have to goto Palo Tuesday we are going to do in room dining Wednesday.

After dinner we went for a walk to the club area to check it out and Megan ran into one of her old workmates from MassMutual who, like many of our other aquaintances, moved to Georgia to escape the cold winters and overpriced housing. This again got me thinking of our desire to take the plunge once and for all. After chatting for a bit we headed to The show, THe golden mickeys. Its a cute show were a behind the scences worker ends up facing her fears and becomes the star of the show.

Following the show we went to Skyline, of course, for our drinks. My Paris 75 that reminded me of childhood kool aid was good and Megan got a New Yorker. With drinks in hand we went to the hilarious match your mate game but was underimpressed with this group playing, with one couple cheating.

After match we headed up to the room for bed to end the evening.

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