Sunday we began the day at Epcot and upon entering we remembered that France was open for breakfast so we headed over there first where there was a small crowd but manageable. Megan had a quiche that was delicious and I had a Bineget that was filled with Chocloate hazelnut. It was the best “american” donut I have ever eaten let me tell you.
After breakfast we headed to our first fast plus, figment then we photopassing at a couple of spots on the way to test track that included a walk past innoventions east i think where the masses were lining up to get a 20th food and wine anniversery wine glass for passholders only, Since it was just a wine glass we decided not to join the line and kept moving to the fast pass.
After test track we stopped in that craft beer building as mentioned friday to get a pumpkin ale. And its not complete to enter the world showcase during food and wine without stopping for a Hawaii Pork Slider, even if you just ate, so we did. Cant get enough of these things but i tell you that the winning booth of the festival is going to be france, I know it just started but all weekend that line they had was crazy.
Into the world showcase we began our journey for figment to claim our pin and also took in Voices Of Liberty just before our 2pm teppan edu lunch. After lunch and some more walking around just being in epcot we headed back to the room to freshen up and then headed to Magic Kingdom in advance of meeting friends that are down here. We only got to ride the TTA and then it poured, and poured and poured so we waited it out and just left when it let up to goto the contemporary.

Armed with new, dry sandals, headed over to the Bay lake towers to meet up with Jeremy and Meghan but they were running a bit late but thats ok, When they finally arrived we headed up to the 16th floor to the Top of the World Lounge. When we got there they were quite impressed, not being DVC members they would have not had this chance so I figured this would be the spot for some cocktails.
a GOOD time was had and we watched some hallow-wishes and then headed home.

It is now Monday morning as I write this Megan is frantically packing for our trip to port..Its going to be interesting to drive but we have a nice car and can leave whenever we want. We are planning on getting to port around 1030 am at the latest to take advantage of the Suite we have for this cruise. Its a doozy. More to come later on cause i guess we get free internet this time so i should still be able to post


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