Saturday September 26th

Morning brought way to early rising, sunshine and breakfast at capt’s grille where i deviated from the normal
buffet breakfast and went with poached eggs over a crab cake salad. It was ok but i think the buffet is the road to take next time we eat there Monday morning before heading to port. Megan had pancakes that she said were terrible, dry and quite plain with basically nothing on the plate at all aside from pancakes.

Day 2 proved a bit odd from there on as we hit Hollywood studios, on day 2! Usually the studios is a fit it in somehwhere park but we actually planned this out, this is not normal at all. But we hit Toy Story Mania where Megan whipped my ass. We also did One Mans Dream, Star Tours, Had an early lunch at the backlot express and then headed to another oddity that we have not done in about 10 years, we did Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. Good to see it again after all this time.

After Indiana Jones we headed back to the resort for a quick nap and then to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was at Flying Fish this evening, a far cry from the previous nights. Here we were warmly greeted by the host and led inside to wait to be seated as we quickly were. Said hello to Tim, someone we have grown to know as our disney friend and then had a nice dinner , chatted with the chef, Larry for a bit and headed out to the Magic Kingdom.

Walking through the Food and Wine Festival on a Saturday night we told ourselves that we will never attend the festival again on the weekends because year after year this festival is getting more and more and more crowded and the locals are more and more trashing the place because they just dont give a shit cause they live there so we will be going more in the week day time where it is more calmer and less crowded.

As we hit the monorail to goto the Magic Kingdom it was then we thought we had made a huge mistake and should have just taken the bus as the que for the monorail was basically all the way down the ramps that lead to the platform. So from there we b-lined it to the buses to catch a resort bus and then head to the kingdom

this was written Sunday morning during day prepping and we need to leave to get our rental car so will continue later.

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